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Is your new Facebook friend a USCIS officer?

Some USCIS officers are very interested in your life. If they want to know about you, they have lots of resources to help them find out. Most of these resources are electronic: to send investigators to your home or work normally requires the cooperation of another DHS agency U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE). However, […]

The new citizenship exam works well for our clients

Many people were afraid that the new citizenship test was an effort to make it harder to get citizenship. Our experience contradicts those fears. The 100-question test may require a little more effort to study for, but the final results are as good as or better than those our clients got on the old test. […]

Mailing addresses for N-400 applications change

Starting January 22, 2009, applications will be sent to two regional lockbox facilities. Applicants in the west, Rocky Mountain states and midwest will send their applications to Arizona. Applicants from the eastern and southern US will send their applications to Texas. West, Mountain West, Midwest If You Reside In: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, […]

Delays continue, but outlook brightens

Delays in processing naturalization cases have not changed markedly in the last couple of months. Average waiting times remain in the 10-12 month range. However, the outlook for pending and newly filed cases is a little better, as USCIS hires more staff and devotes more resources to clearing its backlog. In the year ending September […]

The new test is coming on October 1

If you file your citizenship application on or after October 1, 2008 you will be given the new citizenship test. Applicants whose applications are filed prior to that date can choose to take the old or new tests if their interviews are held prior to October 1, 2009. After that date everyone will use the […]

USCIS reduces processing delays

USCIS has announced that average processing times for naturalization applications are now 10-12 months. This is a reduction of about six months from this time last year when application backlogs peaked as USCIS dramatically increased fees for application processing. However, the average processing still falls well short of the 6 month goal. Many offices now […]

List all your children and spouses

It is very important to list all of your children, young or old, whether they live with you or not, anywhere in the world. Don’t think that older children or ex-spouses from long ago “don’t count.” They do. If there are any doubtful situations – a former marriage or divorce that may not have been […]

If you have to go to court…

Most of us think about arrests as a dramatic event involving handcuffs and going to jail, but that’s often not the case. A better rule of thumb: if you had to go to court, you were arrested. Even if the prosecutor threw out the charge or a judge dismissed the charge and told you that […]

Keep your old passports

You need to list all the trips you have taken outside the US since you became a permanent resident. Saving your passport will let you track all those dates. Immigration looks at the dates to make sure you meet the residence requirements for citizenship and that you did not interrupt your residence for citizenship purposes […]

If you don’t speak English well

Most applicants for citizenship need to read, write and speak basic English. There are exceptions to the basic rule for older applicants who have had their green cards for a long time. If you are over fifty-five years old and have had a green card for at least fifteen years or are over fifty and have had a green card for at least twenty years, you can be interviewed and answer the civics and US history questions in your own language and you do not have to demonstrate your ability to read and write English.