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List all your children and spouses

It is very important to list all of your children, young or old, whether they live with you or not, anywhere in the world. Don’t think that older children or ex-spouses from long ago “don’t count.” They do. If there are any doubtful situations – a former marriage or divorce that may not have been legal in some way, a child put up for adoption or adopted informally – list and explain in writing what happened and know before you apply if the problem could affect your, your child’s or spouse’s application or status.

Many problems can result if you fail to do this. Even if there is no problem other than bad memory or sloppy form-filling on your part, the Immigration officer may decide that you are dishonest and disqualify you on moral character grounds. If there is a more serious doubt or problem like an invalid divorce or adoption, you or a relative might end up in deportation accused of having gotten your green card incorrectly.

Be careful, be correct, and seriously consider using a lawyer to help you prepare your application.

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